How To Create More Money FAST

Do you ever find yourself thinking, “I know I should be making more money”… and yet it just isn’t showing up? There’s a level of income you’re trying to create, but the universe seems to be on its own slower-than-slow timeline. You wonder whether you’re putting blocks in your own path, or exactly what’s happening?

Riley Diess is a decorated veteran turned motivational speaker. She has a natural talent for inspiration, and whenever she delivers a keynote speech, people are lined up for blocks to talk to her. With her rave reviews, and stellar referrals, she wonders, “I honestly couldn’t work any harder, or any more diligently! But isn’t there a way to make this money-thing go faster? Am I somehow blocking my own success?”

A lack of revenue could be for a million reasons… from our marketing message to our advertising budget to the employees we engage. It could also be from outside forces, like the market conditions we experienced back in 2008 and 2009.

If we’re freelancing for other companies, a lack of a strong income could be from economic conditions like election years or foreign policy concerns… or it could come from something closer to home like mismanagement or a lack of vision of the company we work for… it could even be that we’re under-qualified or over-qualified as compared to other freelancers or competitors.

So a lack of revenue can get down to a number of different reasons. But underneath it all, there’s really only one reason we don’t have affluence:

It’s because we’re focused on LACK.

If we’re thinking about what we don’t have, that vibration of what we don’t have creates our reality.

The more we focus on prosperity thinking, the more prosperity will find its way to us. That’s about as simple as it gets! This is what Riley started doing quite successfully, and you can too. (In this podcast episode, we’ll even learn how to hold on to the “bigness” of a money goal, but not create a vibrational barricade to receiving it.)

Suggestion: When you’re feeling stuck, it’s never the situation that has you stuck… it’s your energy that’s become stuck, by the trigger of negative emotions that can come from past situations or events.

In other words, it isn’t the pain of the situation; it’s the pain of not being connected in the natural energy of who you really are… of being connected to that magical part of you that’s a creative vibrational being who can use positive energies to create what you want and bring it into physical manifestation. Part of this process is to allow your manifestations to materialize, and not get stuck in the negative vibrations that block them.