A Business Without Sales is a Hobby: Sales an Essential Skill For Building Wealth

My first business failed, because I had no clue about Marketing and Sales. I had the “Field of Dreams” mentality. If I build it – they will come. That’s a common trait amongst many first-time entrepreneurs, especially ones with technical backgrounds. Graduating with a Bachelor and Master Degree in engineering, I believed that the world evolve around my designs. Little did I know – if the world didn’t know about my designs – there would be no need for my designs.

It’s simple a fact of entrepreneurship – the fastest track back to a J.O.B. is no sales. Before launching my next venture, I would go on to attain an MBA and make a career change to Marketing and then Sales. I will always be able to leverage my formal and on-the-job training, however some sales skills can be learned from everyday life.

Here are four sales lessons Mary Cantando, a Business Growth Advisor for Women’s Entrepreneurs Inc., learned from her family:

So Keith has taught me that you have to go for it. Whether you want to admit it or not, in sales you are going to get tagged out most of the time. But you’ve got to run down the line, you’ve got to go for the sale, or you’ll never score.

Suzanne has taught me that you can win big points by mastering the art of communication. If you know your message, know how to convey it, and have fun getting it across, your audience will love you.

Matt has taught me that you have to listen to sell. And you have to understand where people are coming from. He understood that it was all about their buying, not his selling.

The legacy Grandpop left me is the understanding that sales is an honorable profession.