IRS Problems

Hundreds of thousands of people have some type of tax debt. This tax debt or IRS debt can range from payroll taxes to income taxes. The debt can arise from state and local governments to the federal government and is caused by numerous reasons. The cause of the problem can differ among taxpayers, but the result is the same. The debt is owed to a very powerful federal or state government, and then you have IRS problems.

Taxpayers that find themselves in this situation are often anxious and stressed. Emotions and anxiety are natural, often the taxpayer is overwhelmed. This overwhelming feeling makes the taxpayer ignore the problem. Most taxpayers that find themselves owing tax debt are not fully aware of all of their rights and options.

Taxpayers should ensure that their rights are not violated. Taxpayers should ensure that the tax returns have been filed, processed correctly, and the balance is what is truly owed. Taxpayers should evaluate their options. A taxpayer’s options range from payment plans to offers in compromise. A taxpayer’s option is case specific. No taxpayer has the same case and all options should be evaluated using the taxpayer’s specific circumstances.

Most taxpayers that have IRS problems should seek an experienced taxpayer representative. A taxpayer representative is a negotiator between the taxpayer and the governmental agency. Typically, a tax service specializes in tax return preparation. Most tax service organizations lack the specific skills or experience necessary to represent a taxpayer before a governmental agency. An experienced taxpayer representative will help you identify the best course of action. An experienced taxpayer representative will be able to offer strategies that will protect your rights and assets.

Tax Matters Solutions, LLC is a taxpayer representation firm. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors in two major areas. First, we examine the totality of the taxpayer’s situation. This includes making a realistic and obtainable plan with a beginning and an end to deal with all of the taxpayer’s debt. Second, we offer unparalleled customer service. You will never call a customer services center and be placed on hold. You will always deal directly with a Certified Public Accountant who is a partner in the firm.