The Pay Cheque Myth

There is a simple reason why most people are not wealthy today!

They are looking for wealth in the wrong places.

The pay cheque!

Sadly, a large percentage of today’s workforce devote their best efforts at labouring patiently at their jobs in the mistaken hope that wealth will come to them as a by-product in the process. They succeed at becoming skilful at their jobs, which is what they set out to do in the first place. But then they wonder why they continue to live hand-to-mouth. Wealth, however, cannot be found in a monthly pay cheque or salary however large that might be.

A different mindset is required beyond the pay cheque to realise sustainable wealth.

There is a marked difference between working for money and putting your money to work for you by investing in or creating assets that produce income for you.

It is indeed very honourable to work, and get paid for what you do. It certainly beats a number of other activities that I will not list in polite company. The first definition of the word occupation is ‘An activity that serves as one’s regular source of livelihood; a vocation’. Two further definitions though are ‘The state of being held or possessed’ or ‘Invasion, conquest, and control of a nation or territory by foreign armed forces’.

Think about it.

Is your pay cheque holding you hostage?

What level of freedom or choice do you have without it?

How will the loss of your pay cheque affect your lifestyle?

The smartest thing you could do for yourself is to forget the myth that there is security in your pay cheque, and use it as a stepping stone to wealth. That’s a millionaire habit.

There is no security in a pay cheque, however large it might be.

And those who persist in living it all up fall into a spiral trap of the month-to-wages treadmill. This is an illusion of security. Most people live in the familiar world of guarantees mostly because they know no other world. They invest a significant part of their lives in the 36-plus-hour working week, the conventional workplace, the guaranteed paycheque, and retirement plan.

Many others choose the free world, the world of no guarantees. Here there is no prescribed 36-hour week. Instead, there is the unconventional workplace with no guarantee of a paycheque, the lack of which seems to well-equip these people with skills to create real wealth.

No significant creator of wealth has been a wage earner alone!

They are people who are willing to accept the world of no guarantees and will put their time, energy, creativity and effort into creating their own world. They are willing to accept total responsibility for their own lives.

The next times you receive your pay cheque retain a minimum of ten percent to invest in your future. Even the Babylonian parables attest to this. Yes, it may seem a trifling beginning. Remember: ‘Little drops of water make a mighty ocean’. Soon you will look back with pride at what you have created from your paycheque. Above all, you would establish a long-term habit that will help you in many ways.

As soon as you have enough, buy assets. Buy shares. Buy properties. Start a business. Find yourself a mentor or a good wealth coach to assist you. That is the foundation of your security.

When you reach the stage where the income from your assets exceeds your pay cheque; that is the beginning of your freedom.