95% of Retirees Retire Into Poverty!

I recently saw a Wall St ad quoting a startling Government statistic: “Of the 77 million baby boomers planning to retire in the next 10 to 15 years, 95% are hurtling toward unexpected financial difficulties.”

Those “Difficulties” are that they will be unable to support themselves without continuing to work for the rest of their lives!

Can you imagine, after a lifetime of hard work, struggle, hardships, maybe even tragedy, you’re about to end your life in poverty, disease and want unless you work till you drop?

Is that all there is? Or do you want to be in the fortunate 5% who can retire without money worries?

What does the Wall St ad suggest you do about this? Buy their little Retirement Newsletter!

1. Techniques for saving for retirement without changing your lifestyle today

2. How to build the best portfolio for long-term income

3. How to make sure you don’t outlive your income

4. Advantageous mutual funds, REITs and variable annuities

5. Estate-planning strategies

Let’s take a look at their newsletter’s suggestions:

1. Saving for retirement without changing your lifestyle today? What Bull! It is your current lifestyle that got you into this mess!

2. A portfolio for long term income? Baby, you need more income, right now. In the long-term, your butt will be dead!

3. Don’t outlive your income? What income? They just said that 95% of you will not have enough income to support yourself.

4. Advantageous Mutual Fund, REIT’s and variable annuities? All products Wall St makes commissions on! Ask them what difference they will make in your retirement fund in only 10 years.

5. Estate planning strategies? What estate? Aren’t we talking about the 95% of baby boomers who will not be able to quit work?

No, boys and girls, I don’t think their approach is going to solve your problems!

I remember a quote, someone said that if you keep doing the same things and getting the same miserable results, you need to do something different.

You absolutely MUST change what you are doing, your trajectory, if you don’t want to end up like everybody else.

Here is what you must do right now.

First, figure out what you will need to live on, say 80% of your present take-home pay.

Check with your Human Resources Dept. for a projection of what your pension will be, if any. Check with Social Security to see what your projected retirement benefits will be.

Then add in any savings or investments you have including the equity in your house and how much income that would produce if invested at 10%.

Ten percent? Unrealistic? To some. Those who do not know about the returns available from private mortgages, tax liens and other safe, sophisticated real estate investments.

Add up all of your projected incomes and compare with the 80% of present take home figure.

Your problem is now identified and quantified. You have a goal. If it is severe as I think it will be, you will have to pursue aggressive investment strategies such as real estate to catch up. You might even have to “change your lifestyle.”

Otherwise, you will end up spending your Golden Years working at the Golden Arches. How embarrassing to have one of the neighborhood kids recognize you. “Hey, ain’t that Tommy’s Grandpa?” And then to throw ketchup-doused, Tater Tots at you!