Is Money Really The Root of All Evil?

A roller coaster. Gas Prices just hit $3 per gallon in the US. Your salary stayed the same.

Have you heard the expression: Money is the root of all evil?

No, it is not money that is evil. Money is neutral; it is a barter item so that we can buy the things we think we cannot live without. Money is also a symbol: a symbol of appreciation, a gesture.

So why do we say that “money is the root of all evil”? because it is the negative emotions around money that are evil: greed, avarice, an obsession of power etc. Wouldn’t it be better if we said “The love of money is the root of all evil”?

So what really is money?

To many people in this world, money is energy, just as life is.

Money is also a feeling: feeling of wealth, feeling of security, feeling of success. Money can also be a feeling of importance and a feeling of power.

In other words, money is important. We need money to eat and cloth ourselves. We need money to commute to work; pay our employees; invest in the stock market to make more money (or loose it if we buy unwise)

Money = abundance. Abundance is natural. There is a difference between being aware of our natural abundance and owning a good portion of it. Many well-know speakers explain it as the art of controlling your energy and manifesting your thoughts and ideas. Most of us are not well acquainted with this idea of having to manifest in order to achieve.

Manifesting is really a innermost wish. And most people on earth wish foremost for ……

Abundance, Wealth, Financial Freedom

So how do we achieve this? We need to be close to money. Often our relationship to money follows a push-pull or love-hate pattern, similar to our human relationship (s).

Naturally, the closer you are to a person, the more likely you are to be able to receive what they have to give. It is very similar to your financial situation: the closer you are to money, the more likely you are to receive plenty of it. You must be intellectually, emotionally and physically ready in order to receive abundantly.

Many people resent money because they feel life hasn’t been fair to them, that they worked hard and haven’t received as much as they should have – or they are paid less than other people with inferior qualities to them. Is that you?

Change your thought pattern. Rather than blaming others or displaying your unease, lack, anger about money, begin to own your feelings. Understand where you want to go, what you are trying to achieve. Ask yourself: “Do I have enough information about the marketplace, the deal, the j.o.b. the particular area of creativity, the person I want to be involved in(with)?”

In order to answer this question, you may have to go beyond your own resistance, shyness or inhibition and start looking at your goal.

In other words

-know what you doing

-be aware of what’s or who is up or down

-know what’s happening and what isn’t

Money is important because it is a symbol of your mastery and comprehension of life’s great journey.