Business Checks

Business checks are generally beneficial to people issuing more than 1000 checks a year. A business check is designed specifically for the needs of businesses. Normally when a business account is opened with a bank, a business checkbook with 100 checks is issued to the customer. An automated ordering system ensures that new check books are sent to the customer well before the old ones run out. Business check is basically a tool to counter check fraud. Check frauds are growing challenges facing business and financial institutions today, something the banks are increasingly getting aware about. Bank checks allow business owners and financial controllers to carefully reduce the potential for check fraud.

A business check actually enables a customer to spend more time managing the business with the convenience of a check book for his or her daily banking requirements. The main features include arranging for the direct credit of regular payments to a customer’s account. Also regular debits such as loan repayments can be made automatically by such a check. Business checks have therefore a critical importance to every modern business. They come with all security features also.

Business checks are very always good in quality and are recognized by all banks. Such checks ideally meet the American Banking Association standards for security. Business checks are available in many popular styles and designs. We have three-on-a-page manual checks and executive desktop checks or laser checks as good examples of business checks. Free 50-leaf “butt style” check books and duplicate deposit books are also considered examples of business checks.