How to Trade Forex By Just “Plug And Go” – Forex Assassin

Feel like it’s just too damn difficult to make money with Forex? Despite all the promises of big bucks, forex trading is still an illusive dream to many.

However, a new forex software just launched promises to be different – Forex Assassin.

With Forex Assasin, you can forget everything you’ve been told about forex trading systems; indicators, judgment, uncertainty, old methods, monitoring the market, small profit objectives, poor success ratios, and even the concept of “good ol’ hard work.

The creators of Forex Assassin claim that theirs is a secret ‘set and forget’ system that has already been proven to generate an easy and consistent income for the guys who couldn’t make “the old methods” work.

It seems to me like the formula flies in the face of conventional wisdom. Anyway, these are the features they claim regarding Forex Assassin as follows:

– only requires 1 minute per week of your time

– Was designed for 9-to-5’ers with little capital and even less time

– Has been proven to generate as much as $800 from a single trade – Is a ‘price driven’ system. In other words, uses absolutely NO indicators whatsoever!

– Can be used by even the most inexperienced traders. In fact, the system is so easy to use that even if you have never traded forex before you will be on your way in less that 5 minutes!

Looks like you won’t need to watch indicators all day and the trades are near-enough to be called automatic.

It can also generate hundreds of pips every week which is perfect for those with little time and money – and who can’t afford to spend the day sitting in front of their pc. (That’s me !!)

They say that over 1500 Forex traders have already invested in this as this is the easiest way to trade forex. The system is 100% mechanical and automated. There is no decision making, no learning curve and no mastering of your gut instinct involved. Zero decision making is required. The system tells you exactly when to enter and exit, so no previous experience, expensive equipment or long hours are needed.

If this is all true, this is without question, the easiest way to make money with forex trading and bank thousands of dollars every single week and without ANY prior knowledge or experience of forex. There is an 8-week no risk money back guarantee so I guess I just have to try it out on paper trades to see if my dreams of my Lamborghini is anywhere in the future.