Best FX Trading Method – For Triple Digit Profits in 30 Minutes a Day!

Here we are going to look at the best way to make bigger Forex profits in just 30 minutes a day. If you want to use this Forex trading method the good news is easy to understand and quick to learn so let’s take a look at it in more detail.

The method we are going to look at, is based on how the big trends ALL start and continue and its this:

All big trends start and continue, by breaking a level of overhead resistance and they also all continue their trend by breaking overhead resistance – If you take a look at any currency trend which lasts a long time you will see this is true.

When you look at these big trends, you will also notice that they can be many weeks or even months in duration so if you have a strategy to get these trends by trading the right breakouts, you can make some great Forex profits. Before we look at how to do this in greater detail, let’s look at why most traders don’t buy breakouts.

The problem for most traders is they want to buy low and sell high and this means getting in right as the move starts so they predict where a low might be and lose. What they don’t understand is making money in Forex trading is all about trading when the odds are at their best and that’s when a breakout has occurred.

Does it matter you miss the start of the move?

No it doesn’t, because when a currency breaks out to a new high, the profit potential ahead of you is huge. The aim of Forex trading is making profits and if you trade breakouts, you can achieve this.

When you trade breakouts you need to be patient and wait for the best opportunities and this means waiting for levels which have been tested a lot of times before the break occurs. I would recommend a minimum of 4 previous tests and failures to break resistance, before the level gives way.

With this method of trading, it’s the more tests the better the odds of making big gains and time duration between the tests is also a key consideration and its the wider the tests are apart the better the odds of the break continuing – so look for a couple of the tests to be at least several weeks apart.

You can make a lot of money trading breakouts and while you can implement this method by just trading breaks of resistance, you can also add some indicators to your Forex trading strategy, to help you filter your trades and make sure the odds are even more in your favour. We will look at how to do this, in the next article in this series of trading breakouts for bigger profits.

You won’t get many trades with this method but the ones you do get, will be ones which can lead you to a triple digit income in around 30 minutes a day. Breakout trading is easy to understand and apply and is the best method, for making huge gains in the least amount of time try it and you will glad you did.