Life After Bankruptcy – Identity Theft Prevention

Life after bankruptcy has never been easy. Besides other unpleasant outcomes, these days, a new kind of threat called the “identity theft” may also target you after you have been declared as bankrupt. Different types of credit offers may be solicited to you and you may also get engaged in different credit-related transactions, such as applying for new credits or purchasing new assets on installment. Such cases are a strong indication that you are being targeted for identity theft.

What Exactly Is This Scam

Identity theft is a new kind of consumer fraud, as per which a third party steals your identity in order to misuse the same illegally. Most of the time, they target people who have been declared as bankrupt by the bankruptcy court. The most common way to steal a person’s identity is by collecting vital personal information about the target, such as his or her bank account numbers, credit card details, date of birth, and social security number. After gathering all the information, the thieves may use your identity for various purposes, such as obtaining credit cards, opening bank accounts, obtaining state identification cards, and even driver’s licenses – all in your name, but only to fulfill their own malicious objectives. Such thieves have also been found to fraudulently purchase houses and cars. What is more, they can even get married on your name. Therefore, if you have not been very careful, identity theft can make your life after bankruptcy extremely difficult.

You Are The Soft Target

If you are one of those who filed a petition for bankruptcy and have also been granted the same, you can be a soft target for these identity thieves. Not that stealing your personal information is easy, well that is in fact easier than it would have been before being declared bankrupt, but the main reason why they target people like you is that you probably do not have enough resources to fight them back. They try to take advantage of your poorly situation. The only way to prevent such nasty things to happen is to be extra careful. Prevention is the key here. Always remember that once it happens, it will take several years to fix.

What The Victims Can Do?

There is nothing in the bankruptcy laws that could help you in this regard. However, there are still several steps that you can take in order to protect you.

  • You can file a report of the crime to the police. Do not forget to keep a copy for yourself. You may need it at a later stage. This report will help you prove to the creditors that it was not actually you.
  • It is also a good idea to file a complaint with the FTC. FTC stands for the Federal Trade Commission, which is a governmental agency, especially formed to investigate identity theft cases.
  • Life after bankruptcy can be easier if you keep your eyes open and take the right step at the right time.